Font Tutorials

The home of easy to follow tutorials on font editing software.

Welcome to Font Tutorials

You’ll find step by step instructions on how to use font editing software.

  • The First Set of Instructions are for Fontforge

More instructions will be added for Fontforge, FontCreator 13 and FontLab7.

how-to-extract-fonts-from-pdf-in-fontforge how-to-scale-glyphs-in-fontforge how-to-change-display-settings-using-fontforge

how-to-create-ligature-tables-in-fontforge how-to-create-contextual-lookup-table-in-fontforge how-to-create-ligature-tables-in-fontforge

how-to-create-contextual-chaining-lookup-table-in-fontforge how-to-fix-abg-font-thumbnails-before-and-after how-to-name-font-families-in-fontforge

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